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The participants in the “PLAYnano” encounter are committed to society taking part in decisions on nanotechnology


A moment of the Playnano event

The 50 people who participated in society’s representation at the “PLAYnano” encounter held at CIC nanoGUNE the past 22 November decanted in favour of nanoscience research, the regulation of its application and dialogue between society and institutions to orientate the technologies.

The encounter is part of the European Commission’s initiative to debate by means of a game, the fundamental challenges which nanoscience poses and collect the opinions of European society to advise community authorities on how to orientate public policies on research in this field.

Participants in the encounter, researchers and citizens had the opportunity to exchange impressions through a game which dealt with fundamental aspects of nanoscience, like the opportunity it provides for social progress and economic development.

During the conclusions the participants were in agreement with the position in favour of nanoscience research. In addition, participants suggested the development of regulations when giving way to technological applications.

They were also partial to society being consulted on what these applications should be oriented towards. The conclusions are visible on the http://www.playdecide.eu webpage which will also collect the opinions of other European participants in the project.

The European initiative is driven in the Basque Country by CIC nanoGUNE, Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Euskampus Fundazioa and the nanoBasque Agency.

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