Thursday 11th February 2016
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The nanoBasque web site launches a new dissemination section with multimedia content


New look of nanobuzz with the new sections

Barely a year after its renewal, nanoBasque’s web has become a reference for all those people interested in current issues in the micro and nano fields in the Basque Country. Its news and events sections, the Basque nanobuzz, set the agenda in the sector in the Basque Country.

Nevertheless, the nanoBasque Agency, member of the SPRI and in charge of implementing the nanosciences Strategy, micro and nanotechnologies defined by the Basque Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, has decided to go a step further and bring the technologies closer, not only to those people who are already part of the field or are very close to it, but to the general public, which is more and more conscious that micro and nanotechnologies have a growing impact on their lives.

This is why nanoBasque has launched a new popularization section today on its web site in which it will periodically contribute quality content related to nanosciences and micro and nanotechnologies. That way some of the most relevant people in the Basque micro and nano field can give a personal view of what happens in this world in the “nanovisions” section while “Today we present...” will serve to publicise the work conducted by some of the main research groups working in the Basque Country.

The new popularization section will be completed with the explanation of some of the nano terms most currently used (“nanoterms"), it will illustrate it with some of the most powerful photographs taken at this scale (nanopics), and will have posts from some of the most relevant blogs dedicated to nanosciences and micro and nanotechnologies in the Basque Country.

All with a more visual and more attractive look in which the graphic aspect will take on more relevance and new multimedia formats, like videointerviews, will be incorporated. Of course the social links cannot be forgotten so as to facilitate free sharing of the content on social networks.

In short, nanoBasque takes a step further to reinforce its web as a point of reference in the nano field, reflecting the new relation model Strategy which nanoBasque pursues. We invite you to enjoy all this new content and why not participate in the nanobuzz.

If you want to share your news/events related to micro/nanotechnologies in this web, send us an e-mail to
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