Thursday 11th February 2016
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Donostia welcomes a European Symposium on the Regulatory Framework of Nanotechnologies



The Centre for cooperative Research Biomagune will hold a symposium to analyze the regulatory framework challenges of the European nanotechnology industry on the 3 and 4 of May in Donostia-San Sebastián.

The event, whose objective is to present the results of four community projects related to nanosecurity (Hinamox, Nanopolytox, Nephh and Enpra), are organized by five European entities with activities in the field:the San Sebastian centre Biomagune, the Ekotek company (Bilbao), Leitat (Barcelona), Institute of Occupational Medicine (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) and Joint Research Center (Ispra, Italy).

In addition, the symposium will serve to share the most recent developments in legislation and regulations in the world of nanotechnology, as well as share the knowledge and experiences on the prevention of possible risks associated with nanomaterials.

The Basque scientific-technological-business fabric related with nanosecurity has an important presence in two of the European projects which will be analyzed during the symposium.

The Biscayan company Ekotek, the Tecnalia Technology Corporation and the Association for Accident Prevention participate in the consortium of the Nephh project, aimed at the identification and evaluation of possible contaminations related with nanotechnologies.

In addition, Biomagune, in charge of the organization of the symposium, is the coordinating entity of the Hinamox project, whose objective is to research the risks of nanometals in biological organisms.

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