Thursday 11th February 2016
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CIC microGUNE and CIC biomaGUNE exchange knowledge to explore possible collaborations


Picture taken during the workshop

The Basque cooperative research centres CIC microGUNE and CIC biomaGUNE have initiated a rapprochement process to exchange knowledge and explore the possibilities for both entities to collaborate.

In this context, Ikerbasque researcher Luis Liz-Marzán, future science director of CIC biomaGUNE, presented on the 3 December, at the CIC microGUNE headquarters in Arrasate-Mondragón, his knowledge on metallic nanoparticles and, more specifically, the bionanoplasmonics lab which his centre possesses.

This event is the second session of this collaboration initiative which started with the presentation of lab-on-a-chip devices by CIC microGUNE researcher Lourdes Basabe at biomaGUNE on the 22 October.

The Galician researcher Liz-Marzán, who will shortly substitute Manuel Martín Lomas as science director of CIC biomaGUNE, explained the mission during the intervention and the lines of research at the San Sebastián biomaterial research centre. In addition, he centred in the area of speciality of which he is a prestigious researcher: nanoparticles for chemical and biological sensors.

After Liz-Marzán’s presentation a round table was organised were a debate was held on the possible interaction between both centres to search for innovations in microtechnologies which combine knowledge possessed by CIC microGUNE in microfluid systems and those held by CIC biomaGUNE in nanoparticles for sensors.

These potential innovations may have applications in quick diagnosis systems like those which permit, for example, the analysis of patientsblood immediately without having to go through the laboratory.

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