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Microtecnologías para avanzar en movilidad y salud humana
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Microtechnologies for driving forward mobility and human health

CIC microGUNE, the Co-operative Research Centre into Microtechnologies, is coordinating the microSCALE project which seeks to generate innovative solutions based on microtechnologies to tackle the problems of the mobility industry and life sciences, among others. IK4-Ikerlan, Ceit-IK4, IK4-Tekniker, the Mondragon University and Tecnun are collaborating with CIC microGUNE on this project, which is being supported and funded by the Etortek 2013-2014 programme of the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community.

  • CIC biomaGUNE cooperates in the European fight against antibiotic resistance
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    CIC biomaGUNE cooperates in the European fight against antibiotic resistance

    Antibiotic resistance is one of the major health threats for national health systems around the world and humans as a whole, according to a recent World Health Organisation’s report. Infection-causing bacteria are becoming increasingly more resistant to treatments prescribed by doctors due to widespread abuse of antibiotics.

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