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El proyecto europeo PeptiCaps, liderado por IK4-CIDETEC, inicia su andadura
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The European project PeptiCaps is launched, led by IK4-CIDETEC

On 6 October 2015, the official launch meeting of the PeptiCaps project was held. Its objective is to produce and secure approval (up to pilot scale) for a new family of nanocapsules that respond to stimuli and which are capable of encapsulating and protecting active ingredients with dermatological applications such as allergic contact dermatitis, skin irritations, sun damage and pigmentation problems.

  • Author: Marko Spasenovic, Graphenea
    Graphene Biosensors

    Graphene for sensor applications has received considerable attention due to the material's unique physicochemical properties, such as large surface to volume ratio, high mechanical strength, biocompatibility, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, low cost, safety and ease of production. Graphene also exhibits a broad electrochemical potential and low charge-transfer resistance, making it almost ideal for multifunctional fast sensors. Another important feature required in optical biosensors is the ability to be functionalized. Both graphene and graphene oxide (GO) are versatile materials for functionalization.

  • Author: Mikel Choperena, Product Development Manager at Farsens
    Assessing RFID technology feasibility for your application

    Learn how preliminary testing will help you fast and cost effectively assess whether RFID technology is a good fit for your battery-free sensing needs.

  • Author: Marko Spasenovic, Graphenea
    Graphenea active in Japan

    Graphenea's Business Development Director, Iñigo Charola, visited Japan last week. The purpose of the visit was to support Graphenea's activities in the far East. To that end, Iñigo spent the week visiting our customers in Japan, and on Wednesday was invited to give a talk at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tokyo, and in particular Japan's Graphene Consortium, led by AIST.

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    Place: P.T. de Bizkaia Edificio 700, Derio

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    In Vivo studies using a nebulized lipidic nanoparticulate system against lung invasion of highly breast cancer metastases fixation

    Place: CIC biomaGUNE, Donostia

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